Against all odds, Spring 2021 is here. It’s a transitional season where our resilience is truly being tested. Unlike Springs past, there’s a blooming sense of hope mixed with melancholy. How can we return to some sense of normalcy after all we’ve been through? Should we? There’s evidence all around us signaling that this status quo we left behind was all but normal.

This season is also marked by some intensely mixed feelings. On the one hand, there’s fatigue associated with all the changes we’ve endured. On the other, there’s a glimpse of hope from all the experiences we yearn for and feel so much closer to now.

This return to ourselves and our homes – in the physical and spiritual sense – has resulted in new hobbies, passions, and beliefs for many. As we come back together, it should be no surprise that everyone looks and sounds a bit different – perhaps more like who they truly are. This is the spirit of Electric Tangerine: reinvention.

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